DOL Approved Driver Testing Center


Knowledge Test Road/Skill Test Road/Skill Test
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Test Fee: $35.00 per test Test Fee: 50.00 per test Test Fee: $75.00 per test
Tests are available seven foreign languages. If failed another test may be taken after two hours. Additional fee is payable. During this time, we encourage the applicant to study WA Driver’s Guide. Your vehicle must meet legal requirements. Test will be cancelled if the car is not in a roadworthy condition. Ask our staff for details. If test failed then next test can be scheduled for following business day. Our school car is fully insured and safety is maintained at all times. School vehicles can only be used for skills test conducted by our instructors. We do not rent school vehicles for any other purpose whatsoever.
Fee is non-refundable. Fee is non-refundable. Fee is non-refundable.