Teen Courses – Currently not offered!

WA State Requires:

• Minimum 30 hours of classroom instruction
• Minimum 6 hours of Behind-The-Wheel driving
• Minimum 1 hour of observation to be completed

All Star Driving School provides 30 hours of classroom, 6 hours of BTW driving and the State required observation time. It exceeds the minimum required standard. We take two students per drive. One student drives under supervision while the other student observes and then the students are switched on all six drives.

Need Extra Driving Time?

We offer extra hours of BTW driving at $75 per hour. Please call our office for more information.

Course Duration & Class Times:-

Each course lasts five weeks. Classes are held between Monday and Friday depending on which course you are taking.
Each class lasts two hours and there’s a ten minute break time. Therefore, each class finishes ten minutes late from the published schedule times. Class time are fixed according to each course, please check our class schedule page.

Completion of Course:-

Once the student has completed all required hours of ‘the minimum state requirement’ and has graded 80% on all tests, including the final written and drive tests. If the course fee includes the DOL Skills Test, it will be scheduled as soon as a student has completed all the formalities including 50 hours of driving with parents of which 10 hours is night time driving. All missed or unattended lessons will have to be completed. Any pending fee(s) to be paid to the school. We do not collect any fee(s) for or on behalf of the Department of Licensing (DOL). Students and/or their parents/legal guardians are responsible to contact the local DOL office to verify the payable fee(s).

Have Any Question?

Please e-mail us at: info@allstardrivingschoo.info or call our office at 253-852-1996

We wish all of you a very safe driving experience. Please drive carefully.